amazon conservation association
fall 2016

campaign, individual strategy work

in a team of an art director, a copywriter, and a strategist, create a campaign for the amazon conservation association (aca).


defining the problem
the aca's vision is a thriving amazon that sustains the full diversity of life. the recent boom in deforestation was their biggest threat. at the time, this wasn't front page news in the united states. the problem was that u.s. citizens were facing many immediate problems in their own backyard that amazon deforestation seemed so distant.

save the source - connects the advances of western medicines to the rainforest, bringing this issue into our backyards.

already hundreds of life saving prescription drugs are derived from plants from the rainforest yet only 10% of the plants has been analyzed -- which begs the question, what can that 90% cure?


our creative deck below

ken tsuchiya, art director | rich whelchel, copywriter