hello - student work
spring 2017

branding architecture, product design, campaign, retail experience, multidisciplinary teams, live client


hello, a company that reimagined oral care, asked us to innovate another product category, create a campaign to launch it, and then pitch it to them.


defining the problem

my strategic partner and i narrowed the broad and open-ended ask. in order for the whole team to get to a solution, we se out to answer these three questions:

-who is hello?
-what is hello’s vision and pathway?
-how does hello say it?

our solution

who is hello? the best price.

through circular design, hello is the best price for the consumer, the supplier, the business, and the environment. as the "great value" name is an endorsement for low price, we want hello to be an endorsement for the best price.

what is hello’s vision and pathway? own routines.

as branding saves us time in making a choice, routines saves us time in doing a process. routines simplify everyday processes, from making dinner to cleaning the bathroom to taking a shower. whatever category the cpg company enters, it can own the routine.

how does hello say it? naturally simple.

our communication strategy reflected the brand's vision and promise to use natural ingredients.


client said we had the deepest understanding of the values of the brand and was excited about reinventing retail landscape.


my role

retail experience

...Before moving forward, I dove into the essence of the brand, what made this brand tick. My strategic partner and I boiled it down to the the essence of the brand and restructured it to take it that would carry it into future growth.

surabhi batra, creative brand manager | chris kessler, copywriter | alex rice, experience designer | rich whelchel, copywriter | jansen yoder, art director