uniden walk talkies
fall 2016

campaign, individual strategy work, creative team

a team consisting of an art director, a copywriter, and a strategist create a campaign for uniden's walkie talkies.

defining the problem
walkie talkies have been forgotten because their use has been replaced by cell phones. as long as you are in an area with cell service, which is ever expanding, you don't have a use for a walkie talkie. our mission became clear, we needed to create a new purpose for them.

a smartphone is the swiss army knife of communication devices, whereas the walkie talkie provides one basic function: an instantaneous connection to people in the surrounding area.

our strategy for uniden walkie talkies was to be your nearby network.

the focus of music festivals is to connect to your immediate community. at festivals, uniden walkie talkies can provide both open communication channels as well as private channels through their encryption technology. 

below is the creative concept deck that we presented.

elizabeth bassett, copywriter | wes ruff, art director